Feel like something important is missing?

A restless, questioning just wanting to know if there's more than this?

You're not alone, which is why The Midlife Awakening Course has been created specifically with you in mind: an accomplished person, who is still somehow yearning for more breadth and depth to their existence, here on Earth.

The Midlife Awakening Course is for you if...

you're feeling weighed down by limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviours, and a busy brain that just won't quit; leaving you battling the stresses of your world AND the negative committee inside your head.

  • Are you restless and questioning, particularly in matters relating to your life, loves and the Universe?

  • Are you craving an inner sense of peace and stability, together with a deeper understanding of why you're here and what your life's purpose is?

  • Are you eager to grow and evolve into who you truly are, and are capable of being - are you prepared to do the work and invest the time in yourself?

  • Are you feeling tired and stifled, and are you ready to break free from your old suffocating thought, feeling and behaviour patterns?

  • Do you want to awaken and shed what's no longer serving you well?

New Beginnings

If your eyes are the window to your soul, now is the time to shine new light through them

You have been living with all that you've been taught, and merely surviving without all that you've not been taught. There's so much more to you, your world of possibilities, and now is the time to awaken - because if not now, when?

Course Curriculum

    1. Copyright

    2. Introduction

    3. What Are We Going To Accomplish During This Course

    4. Overview of The Midlife Awakening Course

    1. First Principles

    2. What Is A Thought?

    3. Intention Worksheet

    4. A Basic Introduction To The Primary Foundation Blocks of NLP

    5. A Basic Introduction To The Primary Foundation Blocks of CBT

    6. Module 1 Summary

    7. End of Module 1 Self-Assessment Quiz (Optional)

    1. Fundamental Truths About Human Beings

    2. Why Now?

    3. Antecedents Worksheet

    4. You Always Had The Power

    5. Module 2 Summary

    6. End of Module 2 Self-Assessment Quiz (Optional)

    1. Time To Implement

    2. Thought Experiment 1 - Casino

    3. Thought Experiment 2 - Big Decisions

    4. Action Steps

    5. Innate Intelligence Is Adaptive

    6. What You Resist, Persists

    7. Stress and Pressure Action Steps

    8. One Last Task

    9. Module 3 Summary

    10. End of Module 3 Self-Assessment Quiz (Optional)

    1. In Closing

    2. Links

    3. The Midlife Awakening Course Materials - PDF

    4. The Midlife Awakening Course Materials - Audio

    5. Satisfaction Survey

About this course

  • 32 lessons
  • 60+ pages of full colour illustrated course materials
  • Accompanying course narration
  • Progress check with optional end of module self-assessment quizzes

Overview of The Midlife Awakening Course

Your Learning Objectives

  • Module 1

    You will be introduced to the First Principles, which include the primary foundation blocks of NLP and CBT. The learning goal for this module is for you to understand more about why your mind and physiology operate the way in which they do.

  • Module 2

    We will then shift into exploring the Fundamental Truths About Human Beings: what we are and how we are, whilst thinking about the possible reasons why we are, how we have evolved and what the ramifications of that evolution means for us today.

  • Module 3

    Module 3 is all about helping you to apply your newly acquired wisdom to your day-to-day life, via Tasks, Action Steps, and Thought Experiments, to help embed your learning and make it second nature for your future benefit.

Complimentary Extras

To enhance your ongoing learning experience

  • Discounted 1:1 follow-up coaching session with Karan Scott to apply your learning to your individual circumstances

    £40 value

    Once you have 'graduated' from The Midlife Awakening Course, you will be invited to attend a single 90-minute 1:1 online coaching session with Karan, for the discounted priced of £57.50 (usual price £97.50). Please note this offer is only available to residents in the UK. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Course Content: PDF

    £35 value

    The entire course content, fully downloadable as a PDF printable for your continued convenience and evolution.

  • Course Content: Audio

    £55 value

    A compilation of all the MP3 course audio files, available to download, so you may continue to awaken, learn, evolve and become.

Karan Scott


Karan Scott | CBT & NLP Performance Life Coach | KaranScott.com

Karan founded Karan Scott Coaching in 2014, to help people accomplish more than they were able to achieve on their own, because we all need support from time-to-time, and the bigger the challenge the more assistance we need and appreciate.

The principle aim for Karan is to address every challenge holistically, which requires expanding her understanding of why her clients think, feel and behave in the ways they do (often mindlessly and automatically), before trying to help neutralise any unwanted effects. It's little wonder then that Karan was drawn to her neuro-linguistic programming and cognitive behavioural therapy training, which encompass these exact methodologies.

Now, with so many successes and years of experience to lean into, Karan has reached the point where there are only so many hours, and so many people she can work with each day, and so she has chosen to create The Midlife Awakening Course to reach and benefit as many people as possible, in the comfort, privacy and security of their own homes.

That's not to say 1:1 coaching is unavailable, only that by completing this course and absorbing the content at your own pace, it will be significantly more cost effective and convenient for you in the first instance, whilst preparing you for the deeper work you may wish to undertake in session with Karan. Whilst follow-up 1:1 coaching sessions are recommended - to help accurately apply the learning to your own unique and personal circumstances - they are by no means essential.  

A powerful new mindset awaits

Discover what you feel is missing, starting right now!

Because you cannot escape the potential of tomorrow by evading it today - so seize this opportunity and start making progress; your awakening awaits

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